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Fuel Filters

  • WF335192 Filter

    Airbus Eurocopter France (AS-350B, AS-350B1, AS-350C, AS-350D, AS-350D1, AS-350B2, AS-350BA) WF335192 Replacement for: 402A12-4 Alternate P-1113 PMA Number: PQ1847NM Supplement Number: 30

  • WF336343 Filter Element

    Applications:Rolls-Royce (250-C10B (T63-A-5A), -C18, -C18A, -C18B, -C18C, -C19, -C20, -C20B, -C20C (T63-A-720), -C20F, -C20J, -C20S, -C20R, -C20R/1, -C20R/4, -C20W)Replacement For:6895177 PMA Supplement PMA Number: PQ1847NMSupplement...